"Moldova Concert" is a public republican culture, art music and other artistic genres that meet cultural needs of society and meeting the creative work, production, economic, technical, scientific and training in the creation and presentation to the public of musical performances, concert programs, carrying out mass cultural activities.

Successes over the years the theater was OCI "Moldova Concert" is due to the proposed public performances music lovers with various musical items that become real cultural events. This being the intention team of professionals who make maximum efforts to realize how much more memorable performances. The team OCI "Moldova Concert", composed of experts in various fields of culture and art, united, strengthened, which synchronize their ideas into new projects, marked by professionalism.

Latest news

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    Comunicat IMPORTANTĂ VIZITĂ DE LUCRU ÎN LETONIA   ȘI  LITUANIA   În peroada 14-16 iunie directorul general  al OCI “Moldova- Concert „ Dl Andrei  LOCOMAN  a...

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    Orchestra Naţională de muzică populară „Lăutarii”

    Orchestra Naţională de muzică populară „Lăutarii” a fost fondată în anul 1970, în cadrul Filarmonicii de Stat din Moldova de binecunoscutul interpret Nicolae Sulac, dirijori...

  • fluieras

    Ansamblul de cîntece şi dansuri populare “Fluieraş”

    Ansamblul de cîntece şi dansuri populare “Fluieraş” este unul dintre primele colective profesioniste din Republica Moldova, fiind înfiinţat în anul 1945 la Filarmonica de Stat....

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    Ensemble “Fluieraş”

    The ensemble of songs and dances “Fluieraş” is one of the first professional team in Moldova, was set up in 1945 at the State Philharmonic....

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    Ensemble „Mugurel”

    In 1966 the musical life of Moldova circuit is a new Collective – Ensemble “Mugurel” directed by Valeriu Negruţi, vocalists Maria Dragan, Valentina Cojocaru, Marin,...

  • lautarii

    National Orchestra of Folk Music „Lăutarii”

    National Orchestra of Folk Music “Lautarii” was founded in 1970, in the State Philharmonic of Moldova Nicolae Sulac known performer, composer and violinist Mircea conductors...