SE Concert Organization and Impresario “Moldova Concert” is a public republican culture, art music and other artistic genres that meet cultural needs of society and meeting the creative work, production, economic, technical, scientific and training in the creation and presentation to the public of musical performances, concert programs, carrying out mass cultural activities.

Successes over the years the theater was OCI “Moldova Concert” is due to the proposed public performances music lovers with various musical items that become real cultural events. This being the intention team of professionals who make maximum efforts to realize how much more memorable performances. The team OCI “Moldova Concert”, composed of experts in various fields of culture and art, united, strengthened, which synchronize their ideas into new projects, marked by professionalism.

Employees OCI “Moldova Concert” appreciates the work of the team:

Professionalism of employees and partners
Responsibility and passion for each activity
Respect for spectators, partners
Solving ability in reasonable time to all problems arising from the activity, realization of a project



Primele information about this building dates back to 1972, being called up in 1974, when construction was finished’s total, ROOM SESSIONS. Here were held congresses of the Communist Party of Moldova, conferences, festive gatherings, national and international symposia, meetings with state officials.
In 1974 was inaugurated PALACE gala titled “October”. Being sent to balance the Ministry of Culture in 1975, gets another purpose – much broader and more special, becoming the property of the whole nation to promote culture and art.


By Government Decision no.318 of 23/05/2012 to immortalize the name of the folk singer Nicolae Sulac outstanding personality of the field of musical art, which brought a significant contribution to developing and promoting authentic culture, was awarded the National Palace name “Nicholas Sulac “.



1990 is called the National Palace. After its technical capabilities – installation and performance art services, this provides the opportunity to carry theatrical performances and entertainment,
concerts of all genres. Performance and viability is specified over the years. In this long period of time the Palace has hosted millions of spectators, thousands of artists from the country and abroad – names in national and international music circuit. Here takes place many cultural and artistic events of major importance – festive, festivals and competitions – International Festival of Music “Martisor” Festival of the stars of opera and ballet “Maria Biesu” contests “Tamara Ciobanu”, “Nicolae Sulac” “twin hearts” etc.

Architecture is special and gives the building a luxurious aspect, which requires both the interior and exterior are. Symmetrically placed diagonally at the intersection of two streets, underlined the side’s tall columns, twin glass and iron, the building takes on a stately allure of grandeur and elegance. All main façade is oriented parallel Pushkin Street, opposite the Press House, following harmoniously into the natural landscape of our town center. This monumental building by architect S.Fridman has a concrete systematization its polyvalent. Hall is magnificent, with about

2,000 seats, and consists of ground floor amphitheater, lodges and balconies.

Since 1995 operates here Impresario and Concert Organization “Moldova Concert”. Under the auspices of this institution operates distinguished artistic – National Orchestra of Folk Music “Fiddlers”, artistic director and conductor Nicholas Prime Botgros, folk songs and dance ensemble “Fluieraş” Arista leader and conductor Sergei Ciuhrii, senior ballet master Nicholas luchian, folk music orchestra “Mugurel” directed by Ion Dascăl, pop music band “Cheers”. Also includes two artistic territory “Rodoliubie” in Taraclia and “Cadînja” in Comrat.

All teams hold a prodigious concert activity. Participate in various cultural and artistic events organized by OCI “Moldova Concert” and various festivities in rural Moldova. Annual teams OCI “Moldova Concert” presents dozens of concerts in the territory, but also abroad, representing honor the musical culture of our country.