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Ensemble “Fluieraş”

The ensemble of songs and dances “Fluieraş” is one of the first professional team in Moldova, was set up in 1945 at the State Philharmonic. The first conductor of the orchestra was Constantin Tirzah name known and appreciated in the context of local musical that period. Then the collective leadership was taken over by Sergei Lunchevici, who gave the orchestra “Fluieraş” an unmistakable style, an extraordinary interpretative technique. During four decades of rule orchestra, the distinguished violinist and conductor has maintained the high level of interpretation.

Concert programs of the orchestra were always distinguished by the variety and beauty of the repertoire. Along with folk music, plays and academic music, songs of the peoples of the world. Shows presented in Moldova and in more than 50 countries have enjoyed a high appreciation from music lovers.

The ensemble of songs and dances “Fluieraş” was admired in Canada, India, Morocco, Finland, Germany, France, Italy, Turkey, China, Austria, Romania, Poland, Brazil, Mexico, in all former Soviet republics.

Over the years they were returned to the circuit many jewels of our folklore, but also launched several parts of copyright, which helped expand the repertoire record. Vocal soloists of the orchestra were Tamara Ciobanu, Maria Biesu Nicolae Sulac, George Eşanu Zinaida Julea, Nina Crulicovschi, Marin, Eudochia Lica, Olga Ciolacu Michael Matieşu, Ioana Căpraru Anatol Latîţev Dumitru Gheorghiu, Ana Barbu, Natalia Munteanu Marin Ganciu, but public performances have evolved and other performers. Reference name of the genre are intrumentiştii several formulas that made up the orchestra -Ignat Bratu, Peter Zacharias, Alexei Botoşanu Semyon Brinzila Valeriu Negruţi, Nelu Laiu, Lucian Cocea Andrei Mustea Sărbuşcă Vlad Vasile Sunday, Nenita Ion Gheorghe Usaci Anatol Cetulean and others.

In 1995 the orchestra diirjor “Fluieraş” is designated Sergei Ciuhrii names familiar music lovers with rich and prodigious artistic activity with a huge labor force. Thanks to its rich track record as a composer and music arranger, maintain the good name of the collective.

And the group of dancers was choreographed said in vernacular. Both Constantin Seremet, as well as Nicolae Luchian, who took over as choreographer in … managing to viewers a range of choreographic compositions, which are characterized by virtuosity and professionalism.

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