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Ensemble „Mugurel”

In 1966 the musical life of Moldova circuit is a new Collective – Ensemble “Mugurel” directed by Valeriu Negruţi, vocalists Maria Dragan, Valentina Cojocaru, Marin, Anastasia Istrati, Lidia Bejenaru.

In the 8 years it has been the conductor Alexander Vacariuc, Steel Mircea Vasile Eşanu. Nicholas Botgros have enabled musicians, Peter Dabija Ion Ciobanu. Ensemble “Mugurel” held a prodigious concert activity in Moldova’s settlements, but also in former Soviet republics. He recorded several concert programs on Radio Moldova. They performed a musical. In 1974 it was abolished.

Folk music orchestra “Mugurel” was founded in 1987. Membership Ion Dascăl this group includes musicians who demonstrate talent and passion for folk music, vocal soloists, which gathers a wide and varied repertoire, bringing back into circulation jewelry folklore national. Over the years they actives in the orchestra “Mugurel” Zinaida Julea, Nicolae Glib, Mihai Ciobanu Ioana Căpraru, Tamara Chiţaniuc Ana Barbu, Constantin Rotaru, Dumitru Gheorghiu Vlad Gheorghelaş, Ileana Ţurcanu, instrumentalists Ion Buldum, Timofei Rusu, Nicolae Robu, Golomoz Valentin Sergiu Diaconu Catalin Marcel and teachers.

During the years of artistic activity Folk Music Orchestra “Mugurel” directed by Ion Dascăl claimed about 1,000 concerts in rural Moldova. Have produced several albums and CDs with instrumentalists and vocalists, orchestra as both employees and guests. Evenings were made more creative and entertainment organized by OCI “Moldova Concert”.

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