Ensemble “Fluieraş”

The ensemble of songs and dances “Fluieraş” is one of the first professional team in Moldova, was set up in 1945 at the State Philharmonic. The first conductor of the orchestra was Constantin Tirzah name known and appreciated in the context of local musical that period. Then the collective leadership...

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Ensemble „Mugurel”

In 1966 the musical life of Moldova circuit is a new Collective – Ensemble “Mugurel” directed by Valeriu Negruţi, vocalists Maria Dragan, Valentina Cojocaru, Marin, Anastasia Istrati, Lidia Bejenaru. In the 8 years it has been the conductor Alexander Vacariuc, Steel Mircea Vasile Eşanu. Nicholas Botgros have enabled musicians, Peter...

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National Orchestra of Folk Music „Lăutarii”

National Orchestra of Folk Music “Lautarii” was founded in 1970, in the State Philharmonic of Moldova Nicolae Sulac known performer, composer and violinist Mircea conductors as steel, and trumpeter George Usaci. Right from the beginning the band was in search of his identity, the interpretive style, an appropriate repertoire. Earlier...

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