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National Orchestra of Folk Music „Lăutarii”

National Orchestra of Folk Music “Lautarii” was founded in 1970, in the State Philharmonic of Moldova Nicolae Sulac known performer, composer and violinist Mircea conductors as steel, and trumpeter George Usaci. Right from the beginning the band was in search of his identity, the interpretive style, an appropriate repertoire. Earlier assertion orchestra soloists were some of the most valuable exponents of folk music – Nicholas Sulac, Maria Sarabaş Larisa Arseni, Nina Deminciuc then Bejenaru Lidia Ioana Căpraru, Nicholas Ciubotaru, Nicolae Glib and others.
In 1978 the leadership of the orchestra “Lautarii” a violinist Nicholas takes Botgros. Complex artistic personality and vigorous temperament coupled with a major power, tenacity and audacity, overcame unimaginable obstacles. It is stated in the plan and interpretive conductor and materialized and knowledge through multiple achievements. In record time orchestra takes place at the forefront of popular music, becoming a symbol, a peerless phenomenon. Each concert of the orchestra “Fiddlers” is transformed into an act of culture high quality interpretation so imbued with deep musical message playback, as well as the variety of repertoire very attractive. Rich scenic experience enables orchestra conductor Nicolae Botgros maintain a perfect shape, although its composition has undergone many changes.
During the 35 years since the conductor is maestro Nicolae Botgros orchestra “Fiddlers” claimed thousands of great performances resonate throughout Moldova, but also the most prestigious stages in the world – Greece, Italy, Germany, France, Turkey, Denmark, USA, Austria, Mongolia and other countries. A reference page biography artistic folk music orchestra “Fiddlers” is the cooperation with the most prominent representatives of all folkloric areas from Romania or in shows or in records, CDs edited number closer to 200. The most appreciated folk orchestra of the entire Romanian space, the orchestra “Fiddlers” participated in prestigious cultural and artistic at the state level, the evenings creation of distinguished artists in shows high popularity such as “a folk star” “once in a lifetime” festivals “Golden Stag”, “Maria Tanase”, “mother”, “on the edge of the Danube” and dozens of other regional festivals high resonance.
In 2000, on the occasion of marking three decades of artistic activity, folk Music Orchestra “Fiddlers” directed by Nicholas Botgros, People’s Artist, Knight of the Order of the Republic, by presidential decree, was awarded the honorary title “National” and over 5 years and Knight of the Order of the Republic. Are the highest appreciation, because this team really is the mirror of the people, expressed through the soul of the music. Therefore looks forward to each show the audience the National Orchestra of Folk Music “Fiddlers” directed by maestro Nicolae Botgros.

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